Life Out Loud

The “O” Word : S2 E8 : Season FINALE

May 17, 2022 Desireé Melfi Bozzo Season 2 Episode 8
Life Out Loud
The “O” Word : S2 E8 : Season FINALE
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Welcome to the SEASON 2 FINALE!

Join Desireé in the last episode of Season 2, as she uses her trips around the sun to throw encouragement around like confetti!

In Episode 8, Desireé continues the journey to living your best life by talking about the “O” word. Want to know what that is? You are going to have to listen in! 

Topics include:

  • I’ve never ever done this before… (2:24)
  • A quotable for your ❤️  (6:08)
  • A phrase in the human experience (8:16)

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Desireé Melfi Bozzo:

Ciao and welcome to Life out loud. I am your host Desireé Melfi Bozzo. We are going to use this space to share experiences and help you find lasting unshakable unwavering unmessable-with joy and gratitude. We're going to be throwing around encouragement, a little bit like confetti and giving you support to live your very best life. Ciao friends welcome to episode eight of season two of the life out loud podcast. This is the season finale and I am as always your host, Desireé Melfi Bozzo. This season, I have spent each episode laying out a new step in the roadmap to success. If you've missed any of them, I completely encourage you go back and have a quick listen, I really believe that in every episode, you're going to be able to pull a little piece of of wisdom of knowledge to add to your life. Maybe it's a new perspective, maybe it's a tip that offers a new way of doing things. Maybe it's something that you can share with someone in your life that will empower them. So as we stand on the brink of the season finale, having walked through leadership, healing the past, the power of our words, abiding in the present moment, creating the big, amazing future, bearing fruit and in the last episode, growing in resilience, I want to talk to you about the O word. Now, fair warning, this isn't for the faint of heart. What we're going to talk about is going to be maybe for some of us ridiculously uncomfortable. It's something that definitely holds different meanings and emotions for everyone. And the word itself can kind of make you bristle. For some people it's fraying for others. It's an itchy wool turtleneck sweater on a hot, humid summer day. You are welcome for that visual. Can you guess what today's topic is? Now, before I actually tell you, I have an ask. I've never done this before. But I actually want you to promise me something before I tell you. Now, here's why I'm asking because we have two seasons under our belt. And by now I think I hope you trust me. So I'm asking you to promise. No matter how hard this episode is to hear, no matter how sticky or uncomfortable it is. I'm actually asking you to listen through to the end. I've never asked that of you before. But I'm asking it today because I truly believe that this topic is that important. So today's episode, is was what makes all of the others from the entire season. Stick. It's it's like the glue that holds it all together. It's what makes all of the other topics fall into place. Today's episode is about walking in obedience. Living obediently. DL Moody once wrote that obedience means marching right on whether whooo here gets sticky, we feel like it or not. I thought this was a really powerful quote, because it tells us that obedience Contrary to popular belief, isn't a feeling at all. It's a choice in a world that pushes the importance of how we feel. I think this is an important distinction. It's not about how we feel. It's about walking in truth in our lives. I want to tell the truth about me that maybe resonates with you too. There have been times in my life when I found myself in situations or circumstances or relationships that felt right. They fulfilled a need in me. And if I can be honest and tell the ugly truth in this super safe space. Sometimes it wasn't a need. They were fulfilling. It was a brokenness that they were fulfilling. These were times in my life that were enticing and enjoyable and if I can be honest, completely justifiable. But in all of these instances, they went against the truths that we find in Scripture, the truths that we're supposed to be following. I was walking in disobedience, whether I wanted to admit it or not, and disobedience toward God is ultimately sin. We oftentimes, here's the thing. We oftentimes don't like to call it sin because it's kind of aggressive and it's kind of ugly and it seems so out of date in a world that can so easily find us living so far from center. But sin a sin and its disobedience. And ultimately, if we don't get our hearts in lockstep with scripture, walking in the right direction, it will be our downfall. Friends, I'm speaking so confidently and so candidly about this, because I have lived through doing it every other way. And it doesn't work. It leaves us sad, it leaves us hurting, it leaves us broken. Maybe it leaves us depressed or anxious anger and bitterness is definitely sprinkled in along the way. Sure, disobedience might feel good for a while. But I promise you, I promise you as sure as I am speaking today, the wheels will eventually fall off. I heard a quote once that stirred something in my heart a long time ago, and perhaps it might stir something in yours. Now you can interchange disobedience and sin, but I'm going to tell you at how I heard it, that sin will take you farther than you want to go. It will keep you longer than you want to stay. And it will cost you more than you ever, ever intended to pay. Obedience, on the other hand, is many small steps in the right direction, no matter how we feel about it. It's doing what is right when no one's looking, it's putting the world and its opinions aside, and choosing to follow that which is good. I want to take us for a minute all the way back to Genesis to get the magnitude of what we are being called into. In Genesis one. We see a command repeated over and over and over. And the phrase is “God's said”. And it's followed by “And it was so.” So the cadence that Moses wrote goes, God said, command is given, followed by the display of obedience. And it happens over and over and over. Go to Genesis, chapter one, and you'll see it it's laid out and it is beautiful. Friends, God formed the earth and all we know by the act of obedience, he said a command. And it was so. The heavens and the earth obey the Lord. The tides in the moon, the sun and the stars. We as His people are given absolute freewill. And we are called to obedience. We are no longer under the law. But we are called as followers of our Sweet Jesus to honor him in our walk. We always have been since the beginning of time, we always will be forever and ever. Amen. There are so many people in the Bible who are incredible examples of obedience. And I have to wonder if this theme is woven through scripture, because it's that important. Without obedience, we have chaos. I read once that if only that phrase, if only is one of the saddest phrases in the human experience. And then I started thinking if only I listened if only I had been smarter, if only I knew more, if only plagues us with what might have been if only keeps us focused on the past rather than moving forward in the future. When we walk in obedience, friends, there's no if only there is only choosing to walk within the will of God for our lives. Over and over and over again. I read something this past week they had me sitting kind of in the stunned silence. The illustration is beautiful. So Jesus fed 5000 People with a couple loaves and some fish. Only 500 of them followed him. After that lunch. He had 12 disciples, and only three of them prayed with him in the garden before his arrest out of the 12. Only one stood at that cross. And what this shows us is the closer we get to the cross, the smaller the crowd becomes. I honestly think it's because obedience is hard and uncomfortable. We see this all throughout the Bible. It calls us to being a different person. It calls us into going against our flesh. It calls us into going against the world and its ideas. Friends this season I've laid out a roadmap to live your best life ever. You were made to lead in this world. After you establish who you are, be mindful of your words. They hold power. Take yourself from pain to peace by healing the past abide in the present in His presence. Create your joy filled future because it is possible bear good fruit bear your fruit. Let the pruning happen and know that it is good and walk in obedience all the days of your life. Friends if you want someone to walk alongside you message me on my website life out or on social media. I'm taking on new clients over the summer to walk alongside and teach them tools to live unwavering, unshakable, unmessable-with lives. I truly hope you enjoyed this season. I hope it bears so much incredible fruit in your life as you apply it to your days. Send me a message let me know what you thought. I always love hearing from you. My plan going forward is to rejoin you here on the airwaves this fall. I am taking the upcoming summer months to plan what's next for this podcast and this amazing little space on the airwaves. In the meantime, visit my social channels. I'm going to continue throwing more encouragement around like confetti. Be careful if you get too close. You're definitely absolutely probably going to get some on you. And remember friends, there is always always, always something to be thankful for. Thanks for a great season. See you soon. Ciao. Thank you for joining me Desireé Melfi Bozzo for this episode of Life out loud. I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment. Tell me what topics you want to talk about and how you take your coffee. If you enjoyed what you heard, text a friend the link share it on social media. Or if you're interested in becoming a supporter, be-bop over to my webpage life out loud dot me and sponsor a cup of coffee that keeps this podcast fueled. Until next time sweet listeners.